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Es Marès Hotel & Spa

Hotel Es Marès gets its name from the sandstone that gives the island its rugged contour. This stone was used for many centuries to build houses, churches and defense towers and was also exported to Ibiza.
The now-deserted quarries where the marès sandstone was extracted are a surprising and evocative feature of the Formentera coast and witness to an economic activity that the islanders undertook in times of age-old isolation and shortages.

Elegance and exclusivity...

Small and distinguished family-run hotel inaugurated on 21 August 2011.
The natural surroundings of Formentera and its Mediterranean culture have forged the serene atmosphere found at Hotel & Spa Es Marès. Discover the pleasure of staying at the last paradise on the Mediterranean in a hotel designed with all the island's essence in mind.

Hotel Es Marès is elegance and exclusivity, taking guests on an adventure of the senses, each and every one weaved with the island's style. A journey through Formentera's traditions, architecture, culture and gastronomy.
Hotel Es Marès is a newly built hotel that is in perfect harmony with its surroundings. A faithful and dignified embodiment of the traditional, authentic architecture of Formentera. Fine woods and pure materials decorate its interior. The marès beachrock marks our character.
The hotel has its own * Private parking * (booking and confirmation), a garden with swimming pool, a lounge and conference room, a restaurant and snack bar, and a spa.


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